For more information about the Lima Gun Club, please send us an email.



Lima Gun Club
6835 Heath-Markham Road
P.O. Box 352
Lima, NY 14485-0352



LGC Group E-Mail:

The Lima Gun Club also maintains a Yahoo group. The advantage of this is the group e-mail function, where members can address an e-mail to one address and reach all members who have e-mail. There is also a calendar feature which will automatically send e-mail reminders for meetings and events.

Note: The Yahoo group is for existing members. If you are looking for information on joining the club, please look over the rest of this website and contact if you have further questions.

To Join: There are a couple of ways you can go about joining the Yahoo Group. The easiest way is to simply send an e-mail or you can click here to go directly to the site and sign up on the web. This will require that you either already have, or sign up for a Yahoo ID.

To Use: Once you are subscribed to the group, the address to send messages to the group is