Active Service Membership* - $40.00 annually due by December 1st of each year. "Active Service" means providing a minimum of 4 hours of quality service to club activities such as supporting club shoots, working on projects, committee participation, etc. Further details are found in the membership application packet.

Country Club Membership - $80.00 annually due by December 1st of each year. If you don't wish to do any service for the club, this is your dues. No service activity required. Active Service memberships that have not provided their service requirement by December 1st will retroactively be considered Country Club and additional dues will be required in arrears. New members are not eligible for Country Club membership until after one year of membership is complete including service.

Emeritus Discount Membership - Any member who is 65 or older and has been a member for at least 5 years shall be charged one-half the annual dues.

New Members - All new members must add a $15 processing fee and are required to be Active Service members @ $40 for their 1st year of membership. New members may send in their application with their payment, either by USPS with enclosed application and a check or by sending in their application to the LGC PO Box and use PayPal (Note that if you use PayPal you must still completely fill out and send in your new member application). All new members must be sponsored by a current member, plus have a working contact phone number. If you don't know any LGC members, don't be discouraged. Contact the Club and we'll talk with you and see if we can find a sponsor. All new members are requested to attend the first LGC monthly membership meeting after they post their new member application.

IMPORTANT: New membership applicants must submit application along with payment and wait for approval. You are not considered a member of LGC until voted into the Club at a monthly membership meeting. In addition, you cannot use the facilities and will not receive your membership card until you have attended a New Member Orientation (see club calendar or dates & times). Please, carefully read the application for detailed information.

Spouse Add-On - Add your spouse for $10.00 with your qualified main membership.

Child Add-On - Add a child up through 21 years of age for $5.00 each with your qualified main membership.

RECENT CHANGE: You can now add a family member up to 21 as a "child" add-on for $5. However, members that are 18-21 years old MUST provide active service (4-hours) to maintain their status and discounted rate.

Late Renewals - After December 1st, renewals must be accompanied by a $15.00 late fee.

Payment Of Dues - Starting with 2017 memberships, the Club would like members to use Paypal to pay for their memberships. This will be easier for you and easier for the Club to maintain. Please use the following Paypal link to pay your dues. If you have a Paypal account, you can use that or any of the indicated credit cards.

PLEASE NOTE THESE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS. When you add items from this page, a new page or tab will open directly to the Paypal site. You need to add every item that applies by returning to the membership page and adding other items from the drop-down menu until all items you need to pay for are in the cart on the Paypal page. Then check out. Note that a fee is added to the total of every cart transaction to cover the Paypal fee (not every item, just for the whole transaction). It is identified as "shipping". It will show up at the end on the actual Paypal Site, not in the cart.

For example. A member might add Active Membership $40.00. A new page will open showing this in the cart at Paypal. The member then clicks back to this page and adds Spouse for $10.00. Then again for Late Fee $15.00. These 3 items are then shown on the Paypal page. The member checks out for a total of $65.00 plus the automatically calculated transaction fee to cover the Paypal cost (shows as shipping) at the final check out page on the Paypal site.

Give it a try. Nothing is processed until you actually enter your payment information at Paypal and finalize. You DO NOT have to have a Paypal account to use this but you will need an acceptable credit card. If you wish to use your regular bank account, this is also doable but you need to sign up for, or already have a Paypal account to link it.

* $15 late fee must be added to all renewals after 12/1 for membership renewal to be processed.

** New members are not eligible for the country club membership