Although LGC offers our Country Club Membership which doesn't require active service, we highly encourage members to help whenever and wherever they can, especially at Club Events that raise funds for the continued operation of the Club.

What's more, if you are an Active Service Member or an 18-21 year old add-on member, you are required to provide at least 4 hours of service during each year of membership. This can be in a variety of ways, many of which are spelled out on the Club's application. If you are unsure of how best you can help LGC, contact any board member or committee chairperson. They'll be happy to talk with you about how your skills and interests can help the Club, or answer questions about just what's needed during Club Events. Club Events are the lifeblood of LGC and helping may be as easy as sitting in a chair keeping the score or flipping a burger or two.

Please note that members who do not perform their 4 hour service will be back-charged for the Country Club membership fee and also be required to renew as a Country Club member until the service has been done for all past and current obligations.

When you've completed your service, you can either fill out a service form at the Clubhouse or submit your service performance here using this web form. Make sure you fill out all fields to make sure you get credit! You must fill in the event supervisor info so they can verify your service.