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February 2024

New punch code electronic locks have been added to the Clubhouse AND Range house main doors. Use your rangehouse code from your membership card, which is changed every year, to access the lock. Remember that only members may use the code and the facilities. All others are considered trespassing.

Here's a video on how to operate the lock:

April 2023

We've added online new member application and renewal options. Joining and renewing is now even easier


August 2019

Thanks to all that contributed. The Clubhouse is now sporting a nice new metal roof.

We appreciate the donations in time and money that allowed this to happen. Bravo!

July 2017

A big thank you to Bob and Ken for their work on the archery range. My son gave it a work out this past weekend. Simple but effective. Just remember: Members Only and Follow range rules just like you would with a firearm.

October 2016

Everyone give Tom a big hand. Due to his diligence and hard work, along with some weekend warrior member-helpers, the new deck is pretty much finished. It still needs the ramp and staining (in the Spring), but it is ready for use. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

April 2016

Thanks to the very hard work of some members in the club, the long but satisfying effort to completely rebuild the rifle range house from the ground up is complete. A new concrete floor was poured, the building reframed and new roof and sheathing installed. We now have lights! A couple great roll up windows, along with some regular windows and doors, were installed. The building looks, feels and works great. Can't forget the new stone driveway and parking lot put in last year, along with handicapped accessible parking. The Club thanks all that helped in every way.

October 2014

The new concrete floor is being poured on Friday 10/10/14!